[UPDATE] The calm before the sh*tstorm

4 PM Nov 8th, 2016  This is an eerie moment in a tumultuous election cycle. The ceaseless news stories – each more outrageous than the last – have finally ground to a halt.  My Twitter feed is overflowing with happy, relived smiles of people who’ve voted. PantsSuit Nation is alive with deeply moving stories about women finding their voice, often in difficult circumstances.

We’re on the edge of our seats, waiting for the results to come in – hoping for the best.  In this quiet moment, I’m feeling profoundly grateful for the progress we’ve made so far — and excited that my pre-teen daughter — who’s never known a president other than Obama – might grow up seeing that women are – of course! – powerful leaders who can solve problems, find solutions and build bridges. Not perfect angels – not “window dressing” – just smart, effective and capable people who get recognized for their gifts. #HOPE

9 AM Nov 9th: I was wrong — sadly, badly, bigly wrong. It was heartbreaking to watch the light go out of my daughter’s eyes this morning when I told her the election news. #HOPE has been replaced by fear & anger. We are not as far along as a country as I’d wished for.  Onward into uncertainty…

10 AM Nov 9th: It’s now clear that Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral college. Just like Gore vs Bush in 2000.  This makes me feel less alone. My people are still out there – they haven’t disappeared – but it’s clearer than ever that we are deeply divided as a country. I’m still taking it all in, and wrestling to understand what this means. And most of all – I’m re-focusing my efforts today on the areas where I actually have the power to make change and create happiness.