[Webinar] Build a faster MVP with Game Thinking

This past Spring, I taught an online Masterclass in Game Thinking. Among dozens of students, one shining star was Vinayek Joglekar – the co-founder of Synerzip, a global tech outsourcing company. Vinayek is a smart serial entrepreneur — and he used our design system to validate and test an innovative new Synerzip project, with GREAT results.

Now it’s full-circle time. Tomorrow — on Wednesday, October 19 at 11 AM – I’m delighted to partner with Vinayek’s company Synerzip and offer an introduction to #GameThinking. If you wanna learn 3 powerful techniques that can 10X your product discovery – you’re welcome to join us for this short, informative webinar.


Vinayek was able to save months of time, and learn powerful new techniques that he’ll continue to use to innovate faster and smarter. If you want to learn more about his experience with Getting2Alpha – and get a preview of what you’ll learn in the Webinar – check out this “sneak peek” of his Case Study interview.