Bringing Game Thinking to Budapest, Singapore & San Francisco

I just got back from 2 weeks of overseas travel – doing Game Thinking workshops in Budapest & Singapore. It was inspiring to meet so many smart, creative entrepreneurs and product leaders – and SO gratifying to empower them with our Game Thinking Toolkit. Look at those smiling – and exhausted – post-workshop faces!  I work ’em hard – and they love it 🙂

If you’re curious about how Game Thinking can help you innovate faster and smarter – check out this handy overview we just put together of our design coaching services. We work virtually (and successfully) with clients worldwide to super-charge product/market fit, and offer both private & group programs.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our coaching services

Aaaaand… we’re bringing Game Thinking to San Francisco!  In early 2017, I’ll be hosting a LIVE 2-day Game Thinking Masterclass, in partnership with Gaming Business Review. This is a great opportunity to master the basics of Game Thinking, and apply our powerful toolkit to your project with hands-on guidance. We’ll enhance your learning with powerful online materials, and numerous case studies from happy clients – people who’ve built games, apps, services and tools with Game Thinking. I hope you’ll join us – it’s going to be a high-impact, high-learning event. Stay tuned for dates & details. 

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