How does Matt Leacock bring innovation to life?

I remember the night – a few years back – sitting in my kitchen with a bunch of game designer buddies, playing the cooperative board game Pandemic that everyone was talking about. That night was a revelation.  I LOVED banding together with my friends to save the world — for me, that was SO much more fun than competing against them.

Who came up with this brilliant cooperative game? Later that evening, I looked up Matt Leacock on the web — and realized that he was a UX designer by day – AND also the creator of Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, and other great board games. I’ve been a fan ever since – and I’m delighted to bring Matt’s unique and inspiring perspective to you today.

Matt’s latest game, Pandemic Legacy, is a mashup of the innovative Risk Legacy narrative mechanic with the cooperative gameplay of Pandemic.

Listen in and discover where Matt gets his ideas and inspiration for new games – and learn how this multi-talented and successful game creator approaches product innovation, rapid prototyping, and iterative play-testing.

You can listen to the interview right here – and for more goodness from Matt,  CLICK THROUGH for the enhanced interview page with video, transcript & followup links