how do smart innovators decide which ideas to pursue?

There’s nothing I love more than a stimulating, mind-expanding conversation – coupled with a chance to peek behind the scenes and see how inspiring, successful creative people bring their ideas to life. I started the Getting2Alpha podcast to highlight extraordinary entrepreneurs, designers, film-makers & writers who’ve wrestled with the creative process – and managed to turn their innovative ideas into experiences that delight and enrich their customers. We’re kicking off Season 3 with two of my favorite people: Kevin Kelly & Dennis Crowley.

In Episode 1, Kevin and I discuss his mind-blowing new book, The Inevitable — which lays out 12 key trends that will shape the next 30 years.

In Episode 2, Dennis reflects on his two decades of experiments with location-based services – and explains why he’s bullish on AR,  thrilled about the success of Pokemon Go, and creating bots that whisper in your ear at exactly the right moment.

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