[FREE Webinar] 8 Shortcuts to better, faster product design

Are you tired of wasting time sifting through feedback on your innovative idea – and debating what should (and shouldn’t) go into your MVP? Have you ever wished for a roadmap – a step-by-step system – that would help you build the right MVP – for the right customers – in record time?

This Thursday Apr 28 at 9 AM PST, I’m going to pull back the curtain, and reveal how game thinking helped breakthrough hits like Slack, Happify and Covet Fashion delight millions of customers – and keep them coming back, again and again. In this Webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  •  find and delight exactly the right early customers – and tune out irrelevant feedback
  • build a stripped-down, high-learning MVP – designed  from the ground up for long-term engagement
  • dramatically accelerate your product/market fit with Game Thinking shortcuts & power-tools

Join us this Thursday Apr 28   9 AM PST – 12 PM EST – 4 PM GMT – 9:30 PM IST

There’ll be a special bonus for everyone who shows up – so do try to come if you can. And even if you can’t make it – SIGN UP ANYWAY and you’ll get a limited-time replay of the event to enjoy.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Webinar – see you Thursday!