Bringing Game Thinking to the Lean Startup Conference

Next week, I’m bringing Game Thinking to the Lean Startup Conference – and I hope you’ll join me. On Monday Nov 16, I’ll be giving back-to-back design workshops on two key areas of early product design:Screenshot 2015-11-13 09.53.17

  1. The Lightning-Fast Customer Insights workshop (2:00-3:30 PM) will help you dramatically accelerate your customer discovery process by identifying EXACTLY the right people to test your idea on, and quickly transforming their most relevant insights into design-ready Job Stories.
  2. The Secrets of Game Thinking workshop (4:00-5:30 PM) will help you understand how games leverage skill-building to drive long-term engagement, and give you an actionable framework and  toolkit for applying game thinking to your product design roadmap.

On Wednesday Nov 18 at 11:15 AM, I’ll be on the main stage, sharing 5 design hacks to turbo-charge early product development. This will be a recap of the key techniques I’ll be sharing during the workshops.

The lineup at this year’s conference is AMAZING – I’m honored to be among such great company, and looking forward to learning a LOT from the other speakers.  I hope you’ll join us for this amazing opportunity to up your design game and learn from design experts and lean practitioners worldwide.

Designed to help future entrepreneurs learn ways of working that support innovation and  sustainable growth through Lean Startup methodology from entrepreneurs and corporate innovators, The 6th Annual Lean Startup Conference runs from Monday, November 18 through Thursday, November 19, at historic Fort Mason, 2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco, California.