The 7 Habits of Breakthrough Innovators

How do breakthrough innovators actually approach their work? What are the common habits that lead to breakthrough innovation? Here’s my list of 7 key habits that set the stage for success.

  1. Think like a scientist – run lots of small, high-learning experiments
  2. Laser-focus on finding and delighting a small, passionate early market
  3. Gain early insight into your customers’ daily habits and unmet needs
  4. Create a culture of iterative testing – starting with low-polish, high-value prototypes
  5. Cultivate a customer feedback community for ongoing value
  6. Test and refine your Core Loop before polishing anything else
  7. Co-create a path to Mastery with customer enthusiasts

These habits don’t guarantee success – that takes hard work, persistence, a high-functioning team, market timing, and lots of luck. What these habits CAN do is increase your chances of building something innovative that people actually wants and need. And without that, nothing else matters.