MVP Design Hacks: Volunteer Opportunities

volunteerDo you want to be part of MVP Design Hacks – but cost is an issue? Are you excited about helping teams build a faster, smarter MVP?

Let’s find a way to win together. If you can devote ~10-20 hours helping out with MVP Design Hacks in a meaningful way, we’ll find a volunteer role that uses your talents and creativity. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Technical: help evaluate, setup and run the technical platform for this program
  • Promotional: evangelize the program via blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media sharing.
  • Curatorial: find high-quality, on-topic resources for the key themes and learnings in the program
  • Editorial:  refine, improve and edit  the program materials – videos, essays, step-by-step instructions
  • Artistic:  provide sketching and illustration for live Sprint meetings
  • Coaching: provide local design coaching and Sprint management to startups taking the program

If you want to pursue this, let me know what sparked your interest in the program, and which role(s) you want to play. I look forward to hearing from you.