5 Tips for Super-Charging User Interivews

Let’s say you’ve developed a Microvertical hypothesis, and you're starting to recruit people who fit that description.  Now your job is to write and conduct Screening Interviews, and learn more about who these people are, and  how they react to your … [Read more]

How to Mobilize your Microvertical

Recently I wrote about the connection between successful innovation and a strong MicroVertical. Today I'll outline a 5-step plan for finding articulate, qualified early adopters who can help you bring your project to life. I  affectionately call this … [Read more]

Jargon Smackdown: Prosumer vs Microvertical

Yesterday I wrote about the connection between successful innovation and a strong MicroVertical. I got some great feedback - including @dantobias complaining about the word MicroVertical itself :-) He has a good point. Why introduce new jargon? … [Read more]

Find and Delight Your Microvertical

Many innovative products and services will be launched this year - yet only a handful will survive and thrive. Why is that? Why do most  fail, while others go on to mainstream success? What do teams who manage to create successful innovative products … [Read more]

Less is More: the social power of a Lean UX

Recently, a local Mom emailed me to ask if her son Bobby could come over and get a Minecraft tutorial from my daugter Lila (age 7). Apparently a bunch of kids had been bragging about building Minecraft treehouses and chicken farms at recess, and … [Read more]

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful MVP Teams

photo credits: "The Joys of Showing Rough Work" at USC Game Lab Happy New Year! 2014 is off to a great start. Our design studio Shufflebrain develops smart games and services that make the world a better place - and we’re  blessed to live in a time … [Read more]

Lean UX and System Design

Designing static, linked web pages is a dying profession - the future is about designing systems  When I was transitioning from UX to game design, I designed  the interface for Cyberpark/Sierra Online - my first large-scale social gaming platform. … [Read more]

Coop Gaming on the rise

Happy New Year! I hope that 2013 is off to a good start for you. I've been heads-down busy with great projects -- completed a tablet coop game design,  started working on a crowdfunding project, and giving an Coop game design workshop internally to a … [Read more]