Triggers and Investment Pull Players Back

Have you seen LaVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Kickstarter? It's a living MasterClass in effective crowdfunding design. This campaign has it all: a big bold vision paired with the warm nostalgic appeal of a beloved brand a well-written, … [Read more]

Compelling Activities Fuel Your Core Loop

Short, compelling activities are the atomic units of any good core loop. Minecraft has building, mining and exploring block-worlds Duolingo and Lumosity have mini-games that level-up in difficulty Clash of Clans has resource gathering, … [Read more]

The Player’s Journey

Yesterday I wrote about games as pleasurable learning engines that offer up skills to master, and reward you with ever-greater challenges & opportunities. Progress metrics like points, badges, and levels are icing on this learning/mastery cake. … [Read more]

What makes games compelling?

What is it about games that holds our interest and keeps us playing? Games are compelling in so many ways; they can make our progress visible unlock new content, experience and powers connect us socially to people we care about offer … [Read more]

Radical Inclusiveness: Reflections on #GDC14

Last weekend, we visited Glide Memorial Church with our shul, Peninsula Temple Sholom. Glide in an amazing institution - their message of radical inclusiveness was woven into every aspect of the service, and volunteers were actively signing up people … [Read more]