getting shout-outs from preteen boys

A few years back, I purchased a Mario outfit on eBay for my (then preteen) son to wear on Halloween. The outfit was a big hit that year - and then it went into the dress-up trunk.

This year, I rescued the red Mario baseball cap from the bottom of the bin and wore it all summer. This had the delightful side effect of eliciting spontaneous shout-outs from preteen boys wherever I went - "I like your hat!" "Are you a Mario fan?" "Hey Mario, where's Luigi?"

It's wonderful to spread joy and connection through beloved games.  I'm just starting to play Mario Kart with my 5-year-old, who thinks it's a blast. Mario forever!

I'm curious - what's YOUR favorite Mario game? Do you play with your family and/or friends, or by yourself?

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  1. kirtan says

    Mario Kart for n64. It brought my friends and I together for nights on end competing, battling, having fun and sharing funny stories of supposed shortcuts we found that ended up being dead ends.

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