Ninjas vs Wannabes


I've just finished up the Spring 2015 Session of Getting2Alpha . We've now run 18 teams through this innovative online design program. Our teams came from Israel, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Great Britain - as well as the metro USA (NYC, SF, LA). All the teams … [Read more]

Resources on Co-op Design & Innovation Habits

Here's a recent talk I did on Co-op Game Design at Hilversum - outside of Amsterdam. I loved the energy and enthusiasm of the young, eager-to-learn students and game designers I met there. VIDEO SLIDES And here's myTNW Europe keynote on the 7 Habits of … [Read more]

What is Applied Game Design?


Have you ever wondered why game designers hate the word Gamification? This well-intentioned term has become synonymous with the practice of using game mechanics to manipulate behavior - and then claiming the results have "the addictive power of games." Experienced … [Read more]

Innovation is a team sport


I'm currently working with 4 distributed product teams - each striving to create something that's both innovative & compelling. As I work with them over many weeks, I can see the effects of team dynamics on the quality and speed of their output. When a team is … [Read more]

Innovation, Collaboration & the joys of travel


I just returned from Amsterdam, where I met with dozens of students, entrepreneurs, startup execs, game designers, and other assorted people. What a delight! I gave some talks, coached a few teams, taught a masterclass, and along the way enjoyed many delicious and … [Read more]