MVP Design Hacks: Volunteer Opportunities


Do you want to be part of MVP Design Hacks - but cost is an issue? Are you excited about helping teams build a faster, smarter MVP? Let's find a way to win together. If you can devote ~10-20 hours helping out with MVP Design Hacks in a meaningful way, we'll find a … [Read more]

Top 3 Mistakes Startups Make Building their MVP


As you may have heard,  I just launched MVP Design Hacks - a program I've been incubating and refining for awhile. I'm tremendously excited to share my road-tested MVP design process and resources with startups worldwide. I've used the MVP Design Hacks approach to … [Read more]

MVP Design Hacks: rocket fuel for smart startups

mvp machine 3 labeled

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm passionate about helping startups develop their early product ideas quickly and effectively. At Shufflebrain, we've worked with dozens of startups and game studios hacking their MVP (minimum viable product) design … [Read more]

Triggers and Investment Pull Players Back

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Have you seen LaVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Kickstarter? It's a living MasterClass in effective crowdfunding design. This campaign has it all: a big bold vision paired with the warm nostalgic appeal of a beloved brand a well-written, persuasive, emotionally … [Read more]

Compelling Activities Fuel Your Core Loop


Short, compelling activities are the atomic units of any good core loop. Minecraft has building, mining and exploring block-worlds Duolingo and Lumosity have mini-games that level-up in difficulty Clash of Clans has resource gathering, training, and deploying … [Read more]

Entice Me Back: How Core Loops drive Re-Engagement


If you're anything like me, you try out a lot of new games, apps & services - but only stick with  a few. Why is that? How do digital services entice us back, over and over again? What does it  take to turn a one-time experience into a habit? For each of us, … [Read more]

Start Me Up: 5 Power Tactics for Great Onboarding

Duolingo Onboarding (5)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Great onboarding invites you in, shows you the ropes, and helps you accomplish something you care about. It makes you feel smart, empowered, curious, and ready for more. Here are 5 design rules for tightening … [Read more]

The Player’s Journey


Yesterday I wrote about games as pleasurable learning engines that offer up skills to master, and reward you with ever-greater challenges & opportunities. Progress metrics like points, badges, and levels are icing on this learning/mastery cake. They help you gauge … [Read more]