Innovation, Collaboration & the joys of travel


I just returned from Amsterdam, where I met with dozens of students, entrepreneurs, startup execs, game designers, and other assorted people. What a delight! I gave some talks, coached a few teams, taught a masterclass, and along the way enjoyed many delicious and … [Read more]

3 Lessons Learned running MVP Design Hacks


If you've been  following me for awhile, you know that I'm always searching for shortcuts, best practices and design techniques to help startup teams accelerate their early product design. In Fall 2014, I piloted an online, team-based coaching program called MVP Design … [Read more]

The 7 Habits of Breakthrough Innovators

How do breakthrough innovators actually approach their work? What are the common habits that lead to breakthrough innovation? Here's my list of 7 key habits that set the stage for success. Think like a scientist - run lots of small, high-learning … [Read more]

My path from game design to product innovation

Today, a colleague of mine - who knows me from my work in gaming - asked me how I went from in-demand game designer to product innovation coach. I wanted to share with you the story of my evolution. I've been working at the intersection of social games, apps & … [Read more]

Re-building my Mailing List – Sign Up Now


Sadly, my mailing list got overrun w/spam - so I need to re-build it.  I sent out an email earlier today (Tue Feb 3) to a few addresses I've pre-verified. If you didn't get that email, you're no longer on my list :-( To stay up-to-date w/my writings & events, … [Read more]

Webinar Thu 2/5 on Early Product R&D

Please join me this Thursday 2/5 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET for a 45-min Webinar plus Q&A about the habits and practices behind breakthrough innovation. It'll be an expanded and updated version of this talk: If you're interested in the topic you can SIGN UP HERE for … [Read more]