Customer Discovery with Game Design Smarts

During the past decade, I've helped numerous startups, game studios and product teams do customer discovery faster and smarter.  I've learned how to use a potent combination of connected Sprints, smart shortcuts and design templates to super-charge a teams's ability to … [Read more]

Themes for 2015: #HappyHabits & #MVPDesignHacks

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Happy New Year! My blog was down recently due to malware attacks - thanks for your patience with our re-boot. For me, 2015 is the year of Customer Discovery with Game Design Smarts. I'll be posting semi-regular summaries of what I'm reading, seeing, & sharing - … [Read more]

Top 5 Tips for Designing Collaboration

This afternoon, I gave the closing keynote at the CMX Summit West. It was a fantastic and receptive crowd. Here are my slides on designing for collaboration. If you want to join the Co-op Revolution, signup for the mailing list. … [Read more]

5 Speed Bumps on the road to innovation


When you’re in the early stages of creating an innovative product, success comes from running many small, high-learning experiments. When these experiments slow down or stall out, it’s often due to well-meaning people who don’t understand the nature of early product … [Read more]

7 Gamification Myths, Debunked

I recently did a training workshop for Tesco, the UK-based grocery giant, on how to “think smart” about gamification. We kicked off the day by debunking some common gamification myths. This got a great response — so I wanted to share these ideas with you. Myth #1: … [Read more]

Announcing The Player’s Journey eBook


Exciting news! I'm in the final stages of pulling together 'The Player's Journey' ebook, which lays out a system for creating an engaging, evolving product. This is what I use with clients internally - and I'm THRILLED to package it up and share this powerful … [Read more]

Level-up Your Enthusiasts: Top 3 Elder Game Hacks


Recently I wrote about why an Elder Game can be a powerful way to drive long-term engagement Here are some concrete tips for creating your own. Imagine you're the director of a well-run, idealized summer camp that's secretly a role-playing game to empower learning … [Read more]

MVP Design Hacks: Volunteer Opportunities


Do you want to be part of MVP Design Hacks - but cost is an issue? Are you excited about helping teams build a faster, smarter MVP? Let's find a way to win together. If you can devote ~10-20 hours helping out with MVP Design Hacks in a meaningful way, we'll find a … [Read more]

Top 3 Mistakes Startups Make Building their MVP


As you may have heard,  I just launched MVP Design Hacks - a program I've been incubating and refining for awhile. I'm tremendously excited to share my road-tested MVP design process and resources with startups worldwide. I've used the MVP Design Hacks approach to … [Read more]

MVP Design Hacks: rocket fuel for smart startups

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If you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm passionate about helping startups develop their early product ideas quickly and effectively. At Shufflebrain, we've worked with dozens of startups and game studios hacking their MVP (minimum viable product) design … [Read more]